keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2015

Woyww #306

It's time for show and tell again, hopping via Julias' blog through desks around the world! Since so many of you were worried about my legs last week, I took a picture from the side: since I sit on the sofa, the ergonomic problem isn't where to put my legs, but the fact that I lean over to be able to work at the table. But on the other hand I can comfortably lean back to contemplate my doings.

Last night I took out my art journal and because I didn't find myself starting on the DLP prompts, I tore scrap papers and glued them down. The pot of gesso on the floor is waiting for its turn. I've bought new stash and part of my shopping is still on the way. Since I have new acrylic paints coming, I just don't feel like doing the acrylics-DLP with what I have! The pink card is almost done, also waiting for card bases to arrive... As for good decisions about no new stash this year? Well, I needed three reinkers and ended up using... well, think about three/four times the price of these

Just the markers, that is... they arrived on Monday, a bit of rearranging and I found this nice drawer was emptied out. Considering the stuff that is on its way I'm going to have to do some more repositioning this week in my other storage units :)

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  1. good luck with the organising... I love new things arriving!! I like your journal page too, a great way to start with torn papers. Helen #5

  2. ooo enjoy your new stash
    have a good week, Happy WOYWW
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs C.x #2 this week :)

  3. Organizing is a ever-evolving process for creatives everywhere!
    Hope you enjoy it.
    And the reorganization.
    While it lasts!

  4. New acrylic paints on order sound fun! I have not done my DLP project yet either. But, I don't have anything coming in the mail :( I am just behind on everything. Happy organizing of the new treasures when they arrive :) Shel@PaperOcotilloStudio #17

  5. I had to laugh when you said you had been rearranging stuff, been doing a bit of that myself. Sometimes it's a good thing to reorganise stuff, enjoy the new stash when it arrives. Hoping you have a great crafty week. Happy woyww, Angela x 36 x

  6. That's the problem about buying new stash: you have to make room for it. When I buy clothes I'm very stringent. Buy one item, and another has to be thrown out! When I buy a new pair of shoes, I make myself throw away an old pair of shoes. But with stash I'm not like that. It keeps piling up.
    Have a great week,

  7. Oh my distress markers are one of my favorite things. You will be immediately happy that you have sooooo many colors to work with. They blend so well.

    Happy WOYWW Thanks for sharing.
    Pat #64

  8. I seem to spend a lot of time reorganizing my "stuff" I have decided to quit buying till I use some of it up or give something to someone in need to make room for it. So far I haven't done either but...I am a work in progress. Have a great week. Vickie #8

  9. Look at all those lovely markers I've yet to try out the distress for fear I'll have to get the whole set once I do :P
    hugs Nikki 10
    PS send me an email you won some digi at my blog it's in my sidebar