lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Happy New Year!

A really last minute entry for the VivaLasVegaStamps December challenge! Check the lovely moodboard and other challenge entries here. Since the colours are similar to the moodboard at Our Mixed Moods, I'm also posting for that too. It would of course be impossible to ride a hot air balloon in space, but... who cares? I'm really looking forward to everything we're headed for in 2017 :)

I used a mixed media background (scrap paper glued on scrap card and covered with gesso), sprayed with Dylusions Calypso Teal spray. The stamp is from Viva Las Vega Stamps and I stamped with Versafine Onyx Black. I was quite satisfied how well the image turned out, even though the background is uneven. I added texture paste through a star stencil and since the spray seeped into it, I  coloured over the stars with a paint marker.

maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2016

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Here are my Christmas cards for this year. I'm posting them for the Country View December challenge (Christmas) and the WOW embossing powders challenge (winter, links in the comments). I wanted to do mixed media and use some scraps... and the results are quite cool, though my husband said they look like wedding invitations!

the joy of their children
I layered down book pages, off white cotton fabric. Sewed around them and added white texture paste (Aleene's glitter snow), heat embossing and a small sentiment. Each card is different, because the sentiments are all cut from the book pages. The book has nothing to do with Christmas, and I was surprised how many suitable sentiments I was able to find. Most of the sentiments got some white behind them to stabilize the layers.

above all trails
at a very slow pace

rejoicing hearts
the glimmer of thousands of lights being lit
in halls of stars
full of smile, satisfied
the faraway tinkle of bells
life and time rejoiced

M and P

The Craft Barn alpha/dictionary challenge 2016 has come to an end: one letter every other week all year through adds up to the whole alphabet (missing the å,ä,ö we use here Finland :) ) I have animals from a wildlife dictionary, both underwater predators this time: the Matamata turtle for the M challenge and the illuminated netdevil (pensaskrotti in Finnish) for the P challenge. Here are the cards. I used some underpapers with embossing as backgrounds.

The matamata turtle looks rather weird. It lurks underwater and swallows small fish, check this little video here. The illuminated netdevil is an angler fish, one of those deep sea ones, but besides the lure, this has a bush-like thing dangling under it's chin (the Finnish name means bush-crott). Both the lure on the head and the bush are luminous, obviously to attract food... And this is the female, males are tiny and attach themselves as parasites to the females abdomen! Here are the backs of the cards with the definition texts.

And so all the cards are done! Here are links to the previous posts, I guess I'll have to make a post with all the cards. Let's hope we get a sunny day, so I can take some new photo's.

sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016


I've been burning to join in the Paperartsy bleach challenge... so here's a last minute entry :) I took the pictures, though the cards aren't quite assembled yet! I played with infusions  (and blue bister, because I don't have a blue infusion) on ink jet photo paper, bleach and some Everything Art stamps. I washed over the paper with Sunset Beach (it gives a decent skin colour), bleached out the parts I wanted white and added more colour with a watercolour brush. Just quickly showing the pictures, got to take the dog out for a walk!

I and Y

I managed to miss the I -challenge, which really bugs me, but I made the card anyhow... would hate to be missing one! My I is for the great tinamou (isotinami, "iso" means large in Finnish) and my Y is for the nocturnal currassow (yösaku or yöhokko, "yö" means night in Finnish). Two South-American birds. Here they are, I'm posting for the Craft Barn Alpha challenge "Y" and the Paperartsy challenge (bleach).

I sewed some scrap paper on the front of the cards and used Distress inks on the back. I used faux bleaching (stamped with water) and really liked the effect so much, that the scraps on the front of the card started looking ugly.

So I tore the fronts off, added gesso, infusions and some stamping. They got a bit warped, but the frame is quite cool.

As with my previous cards, I picked my animals from a wildlife encyclopedia that I've been cutting to pieces. The tinamou is a pheasant-like bird, that has beautiful glossy eggs in different colours. Check this pic from National Geographic! The nocturnal curassow is actually a day-active bird that happens to "sing" by night, hence the name. If you want to listen to the call (a bit like an owls hohoo), click the "listen to recording" on this page