sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2016

H and O

The Craft Barn alpha/dictionary challenge is going forward every fortnight... and I'm making two cards at once: H for the challenge that ends tonight and O for the challenge that just started. I'm piecing a wildlife encyclopedia for this challenge, and today we have two mammals: the hoolock and the oribi.

The hoolock gibbon spends all of it's life in trees, hence the green background. They are light grey when they are born and turn black at a few months age. The females turn grey/tan after puberty. I picked him not only because of the never-before-heard-of name, but also because of this gorgeous video. Those eyebrows are adorable!!! (and the mom looks a bit fierce compared to the cute baby) Here is the back of the card with the info text.

The oribi looks (to my eyes) like any other small gaselle or antilope, but is actually the only member of it's genus. It has a peculiar bald black spot on both cheeks, almot like having two eyes! I layered some gelli prints for the background.