maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Catkins and Snowdrops

Joining in the fun at Our Mixed Media Moods (moodboard with grey shades), Paperartsy (doors, windows and architectural structures) and SanDee and Amelie's Steampunk/industrial challenge.
I made a wall spring themed wall-hanging in black and grey colours.

The base is a wood panel that I covered with some stamped scrap paper (the squiggly plant is from Designs by Ryn) and coloured with acrylic paints in grey and white and pigment powders. I sprinkled black bister and Paperartsy Sage infusion onto wet paint, spritzed and let dry. I sewed together a pile of fabric and started stitching snowdrops by hand. I was quite surprised how fun that was (I'm not really that interested in embroidery, but knowing the back could be full of strings and jumps made it a bit easier). I found some welding practices in the trash of a metal classroom at school, straightened one out and decided to make it a wonky window.

Actually I felt a bit bad about covering the embroidery. I wanted to add a bit of air to make it possible to see the sewing behind the frame. I nailed four nails so that the frame is on top of them. Right now it's fastened with glue dots, but I think they aren't enough against gravity, so I'll have to figure out something stronger. It's hard to show the dimension with pictures from the front of the project.