sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2016

V and U

Still playing along with the Craft Barn Alpha/dictionary challenge. I really haven't had time for any crafting lately, and I guess the only reason I'm doing these is that I would hate to quit without having the whole alphabet done. I once again searched my wildlife encyclopedia for animals with weird names... though I guess I've heard of vikunjas before. So welcome on a short trip to South America. Starting with the challenge letters V (challenge ending tonight) and U (challenge opened today). Oh,how I hate to have to take picrures under artificial light, but the sun set an hour earlier today than yesterday (and it's been gloomy all week, so lights are on anyway!)

Both of the backgrounds are age-old masterboards that I have lying in a drawer. Not much to say otherwise. The Vikuña has just brayered paints and some stamping with "aztec doll" stamps from Rubber Dance, though I guess the Peru/north Chile is Inca area, not Aztec... The Unau is called the Linnaeus two-toed sloth, and it's background just has paints, both brayered and stencilled. Here are the backs of the cards with some info about the animals... but you could just as well check wikipedia!
Vikuña and Unau.

sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2016

X and E

The Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge is going forward, and I just almost forgot to get my cards done. I had decided to do X and the next letter (E) at the same time, but somehow didn't quite register that X has to be posted tonight. So here goes... X is quite an impossible letter for me, because it is practically not used in Finnish. I checked through all the x- latin names in my wildlife encyclopedia and chose Xerus Erythropus, an african ground squirrel. And for the E-animal I kept to the previous principals: choosing something I never heard of...

The ground squirrel has a gelli plate background and the lizard has a scrap of an old masterboard. Here are the definition texts for the animals: The text tells us that the African ground squirrels are social and greet each other with a short kiss... cute :)  As for the Emoia, well, not much to be said, he spends his days hiding among banana leaves.

The previous cards for this (all-year-long) challenge can be found under the following links. I haven't added the links for a while, and all of a sudden this is looking quite full! The year is nearing it's end, where does the time fly?!?