tiistai 28. heinäkuuta 2015

Destashing again

I am very attracted by mixed media CAS... Lots of white and some splatters. I'm not sure if it really is clean or simple, but it's the picture I have in my mind when I hear the word CAS. I have seldom done it, the few times I've tried have been messed up by a dirty fingerprint or the like. Besides, working straight on the card base makes me nervous... but here's a try. I'm really enjoying the Craft Barn CAS challenge, I still have many ideas lurking at the back of my head, to be seen how many I get done :)

I started this card by checking through a drawer with diecuts. I bought this pack because of the lovely name "Magnolia Grove" at a time when I thought I wanted to do smashbooking. To my dissapointment the pack has no magnolias, just roses or peonies, the colours are drab and the diecuts are clumsily cut and too large - they are obviously planned for 12x12 layouts.

I took the Love text, finding it would  fit on a 5x7 card base. I painted over the diecut with white gesso, FF Banana and Golden Quinadicrone red, trying to spread the paint in nice thick layers so the brush strokes are visible. While I was at it I also splattered some diluted paint on the card base.

The splatters were so small, they felt inadequate, and I stamped with a splattery coffee ring stamp using the same paints. Acrylics dry so fast I was worried about my stamp, but luckily a "brush and stencil cleaning solution" proved to work on rubber too. The orange on the text has been scribbled with colour pencils, I was surprised how well it applied to the acrylics!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Another truly amazing card Kristiina. Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  2. I love the way you have altered the wording to make it much more vibrant. I'm going to look at some of my old stash differently to see what a bit of paint could do!

  3. You are not alone, I'm always nervous stamping directly onto a card. A lovely CAS design, the splatters are a perfect addition to the sentiment.