torstai 23. heinäkuuta 2015


Arranging my craft stash has led to a serious bought of de-stash. It's horrible to be reminded of stuff you've once found reason to buy, that is no longer of interest to me. Among other things I have quite a pile of 3D-decoupage sheets... Haven't really used them since I fell for stamping and mixed media, but I decided that there would certainly be something in that pile for the Craft Barn weekly challenge prompting circles and flowers.

Didn't find any wreaths, but I found two sheets with these roses mounted on a circle background. I decided to make small cards with a Psalm quote. I can give these to a relative who is very active in her community, I think she'll like them and the chance to give them forward. While I was at it, I put together the other images on the sheets too, so I made six cards altogether.

Not really my cup of tea, but a couple of sheets finished of -and I realized that since these were precut, I could save the backing sheets and use them as stencils before throwing them away :)

3 kommenttia:

  1. Very pretty even if it isn't your current style.

  2. You are not alone having a pile of unused decoupage sheets. Definitely not your usual style but you've made good use of the sheets and have some stencils into the bargain.

  3. It is beautiful Kristiina, nice to do something different sometimes, thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x