torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2016

Make a Difference!

OMG it's spring! I was able to find some sunlight to take my last photos of this altered calendar :) I'm posting for the Rubber Dance March challenge (green, white and orange), the Our Creative Corner challenge (picking the theme Topsy Turvy, I used tissue paper to turn the antlers around) and the Craft Stamper take-it-make-it challenge (anything with stamping goes).

I'm working in an old calendar, altering a spread every month with the idea that I'll have a cool calendar done when 2017 arrives. The February calendar grid warped quite a bit as I worked with this, so actually that calendar grid is not yet adhered, I'll do that after I've altered the other side with April. Here are the step-by-step photos of most of the process. The stencil is from Designs by Ryn, all stamps from Rubber Dance Art Stamps, paints are Fresco Finish and Golden and I've used Micron pens for details. Here goes:

The old calendar images have been covered with gesso and I glued on some book paper with sketches
Some more gesso and texture paste through a stencil
watered down acrylic paints in yellow and green
Stamping for some texture and interest :)
Tissue paper images adhered with Satin Glaze. Still wet in this picture...
I added a flower because I didn't like the placing of the right hand side antler...
The tips of the brushes were cut up to make it possible for the bristles to separate a bit and make them look used. Well, the first one I adhered (bottom left) looks like it won't be used again :) I added my sentiment, that is built up of words from different sentiment stamps and die cut letters... and Mona Lisa got a bit of make-up too... I think she looks cute, and I'm sure she doesn't mind the antlers! 

Thanks for looking! Check the Rubber Dance website for cool stamps, free shipping if your order is at least 35€ and you can get 15% off from your order by using the code kristiina2016 at checkout.

The previous spreads in this calendar can be found here:


4 kommenttia:

  1. Fab, love your Mona Lisa image !!

  2. This page is awesome, Kristiina! I love what you did with Mona Lisa, and I'm sure she's loving her antlers, the flower is a perfect touch.
    Thank you for making your calendar page for our March challenge! ♥

  3. Mona with antlers! What a hoot. Hugz