perjantai 4. syyskuuta 2015

Reach high for the stars!

I've been wanting to post for the Paperartsy "circles" challenge... all sorts of lovely ideas what could be done, but my time is scarce and I ended up with relatively simple CAS.

I just got my first Gelatos, and had a play with them on some scrap cardstock: blue, green and yellow mixed for an ombre effect. I cut out as many circles as I could with a stitched die set and added some stars from EDY08. My original plan was to do a "flow" of circles, like Gabrielle Price on this post... but I ended up placing them randomly over the whole cardblank. The sentiment from the same stamp set fit perfectly, and I finished of with some stamping on the envelope. I love the way the sliding colour gives a 3D look, the circles almost look like planets!

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