torstai 3. joulukuuta 2015

Ink and the Dog

The Paperartsy challenge this fortnight is masterboards. After watching Leandras video, I just couldn't help myself, had to dig out the acrylics and give it a go! You can see here, what my desk looked like after an hour... Today I continued and got one of the sheets stenciled and stamped. The glimmer of the gilding really makes this difficult to photograph, and somehow the yellow looks much fiercer than in real life!

My 9-year old son was very intrigued. He helped me brayer this one, and today he had a try at gilding and stamping. I used Morris Dance megaflakes for the gilding. There was more teal on them than I expected, so I chose to use teal Stazon for part of the stamping. Almost all the stamps are from ID09, a couple om some Hotpicks. My son was very proud of what this became and was shocked to hear that I plan to cut it up... perhaps we have to finish a few more, and he will get used to the thought! I always have trouble with masculine cards, and I feel this (like the previous abstract art one) is a good way to go in that direction.

If I get this chopped up and put onto cards, I'll link the results here :)

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