torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Water or air or whatever

The Paperartsy challenge is asking for abstract art. I had in mind a blue page with collage for texture and acrylic paints. After choosing the underpapers and tearing them to approximarely palm sized pieces I set the spread aside... and lying awake in the night I decided I wanted to do fingertip sized pieces in stead :) Also posting for the Country View challenge (the colour blue).

My technique was simple: tear a piece, rub it over a gluestick and stick it down. No plans, just going with the flow of the colours. Quite therapeutic, actually. There were some blue marks on the spread from some previous inking, and I tried to leave them visible, which gives a bit of a layer to the spread. I wasn't really planning on a mosaic look, and thought I'd continue with clear gesso and paints or sprays... but the blue-green underpapers mostly have water soluble ink sprays, and if I add something the colours will start to dissolve, and I don't want to loose the contrasts. So I'm leaving this as it is.

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  1. gorgeous abstract design! Thanks so much for joining us at CVC this month and good luck in the draw! Hugs rachel x