perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2015

A frame spread

I had two June projects that I wanted to house in my art journal. I decided to make a spread for them, using the same blue-green colours as my projects, a card and my June tag for the TH 12 tags of 2015. Here is the spread, I'm posting for the Paperartsy Challenge (stencils) and the Designs By Ryn customer creations challenge.

The background has glued paperstrips painted with gesso and a mixture of paints. There is Fresco Finish Guacamole and Buff together with a bright green in the mid parts and Paynes Grey from Golden on the edges. The brick stencil (Stampinback) has been sprayed with a green mist (Lindy's Stamp Gang), and then there is a Maidenhair stencil (Designs by Ryn) that I sprayed with a homemade Caribbean Sea-paint spray... Didn't work so well, the spray bottle is not very good quality = the spray was so thin, it barely left a mark and at the same time it dripped large drops everywhere :) At least it gave colour and traces of texture. I decided to add some more Maidenhair leaves using a stencil brush and Caribbean Sea and Dusky Teal FF paints. They are the ones on the left and right edges of the spread. I used colour pencils to give them even more detail.

I like the result, the worst part was cleaning the stencil, as acrylic paints dry so fast. Took quite a bit of scrubbing and rubbing to get most of it away. Because both the projects involve the EDY09 stamp set, I stamped the bird from it onto the bag I would use for the tag. So here is the whole spread with the "contents" in place. Especially the back of the tag fits with the frame colours.

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