keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2015

Woyww #322 -it's Wednesday again!

Where do these weeks fly? Schools begin in Finland next week, and I just received my teaching schedule beginning next Tuesday... it's hanging on the right, on the screen of our old computer. My desk shows a neat mess of stuff that's left behind after finishing a project: stamps and stencils and Crackle Accents. Most of today's visitors know what this is about, but if you don't, pop over to the Stamping-Ground blog to find a lovely international desk-hop of crafty work spaces.

To finish a hibiscus card project I made some simple mail art on the envelope, visible on the left against the white drawer unit. On top of the drawers is a kraft card base waiting to turn into a bendy card (got to check the tutorial on Angela's blog once more), my art journal and a "how to draw manga" book. The DLP prompts are asking for drawings of faces this week (all month...) and I went to ask my girls if their manga books had some eye practices. There were several, and this one felt least comic-like. I'm still not sure how to dare myself to try! 

My purse is out, because I had to change my credit card info at PayPal... my bank called me a few weeks ago after someone in Africa had tried buying train tickets with my credit card. Took two weeks to get a new one. I'm feeling lucky I just had to suffer the inconvenience.

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  1. I don't want to think about going back to school yet - on my second week of holidays - we go back in September but the days are going too fast! I am glad you were not out of pocket - too many people are having this problem with ccards. Have a good week . Soojay 24

  2. Hi Kristiina, it does seem the school holidays went by quickly this year, and I don't have any school age kids, only grandchildren.
    So much sympathy for you with the credit card problem, it's happened to us too, twice. First time, someone spent £1500.00 on my Hubbys card on iTunes- second time they spent 3&00.00 on his card AND emptied our bank account. Heaven knows how, as I use my cards probably 50 times to my Hubbys one, we almost always only use sites that accept Paypal, and shred absolutely everything that has a name and address on it. I was actually quite angry with Mastercard for allowing that much to be spent the first time without asking questions. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xx

  3. Sorry, I didn't spellcheck! That should have read £380.00 the second time! lol. xx Shaz

  4. Those stamps on your desk look interesting. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your card. This has happened to us twice and they were booking air flights on one occasion.Barb#20

  5. It's funny how term time goes slower than holidays. I am sometimes suspicious about what is going on with banks, I think they make mistakes sometimes. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 19

  6. Hello Kristiina, pleased to meet you (don't think I have visited your blog before).
    I like the hibiscus mail-art - really lovely. I'd be delighted to receive a card in such a pretty envelope.
    Our school break starts and ends later than yours, as England is further south. I know that when we stayed with my in-laws in Norway, the schools were back in August - we were surprised at how cheap our accommodation was, but it was because it was term-time there! I hope your new term goes well.
    Isn't it such a pain, when someone gets hold of your card details and steals from you? I do hope the bank refunded all your money. On the opposite side, my bank actually put a stop on my card this week, for "suspicious transactions" - yet the transactions they queried were my regular weekly shopping order and my regular monthly visit to the petrol station. Sometimes I really wonder about banks...
    Have a good weekend!
    Lizzie #51