lauantai 8. huhtikuuta 2017

Blue and Ochre

I am playing with the "Blue and Yellow Ochre" challenge at Paperartsy, but also with the moodboard challenge at Our Mixed Media Moods. The moodboard has a mustard theme that fit well with the Yellow Ochre, and I was especially inspired by the photo with lines of stones. I have had something like this in mind for about a month (since I got the background done...) and I'm glad this is done at last!

I want to link this straight away, so here is the link to the Paperartsy challenge: 
And the "Our Mixed Media Moods" linkup:
I'm posting this on my tablet, so I can't make a neater link :)

The background is a square piece of junk wood that has been covered with book paper and painted with a rylic paints. I sprinkled pigment powders into the pain while it was still wet and spritzed some water. I had planned to use it for a previous project, but just didn't want to cover so much of it, because it turned out quite magical, so I set it aside for the right moment...

I decided to combine the background with a gelli print that I had stored away. The print has yellowish and white acrylic paints, and Infusions (The Sage and Golden Sands) have been sprinkled in the paint before drawing the print. I cut out some wonky circles and smudged the edges with acrylic paint. (Actually I used more Quinacridoe Nickel Azo Gold than the Indian Yellow) I considered inks, but I only have Distress Inks in suitable colours, and being water soluble, they wouldn't have worked with the gel medium I used to adhere the pieces.

While I had the gel medium out, I decided I wanted some glitter too... so I took fake gold leaf and added little bits here and there. I finished the piece with some metal wire and a frase sticker from Tim Holtz. Here are some more closeups :) 

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