sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2016

X and E

The Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge is going forward, and I just almost forgot to get my cards done. I had decided to do X and the next letter (E) at the same time, but somehow didn't quite register that X has to be posted tonight. So here goes... X is quite an impossible letter for me, because it is practically not used in Finnish. I checked through all the x- latin names in my wildlife encyclopedia and chose Xerus Erythropus, an african ground squirrel. And for the E-animal I kept to the previous principals: choosing something I never heard of...

The ground squirrel has a gelli plate background and the lizard has a scrap of an old masterboard. Here are the definition texts for the animals: The text tells us that the African ground squirrels are social and greet each other with a short kiss... cute :)  As for the Emoia, well, not much to be said, he spends his days hiding among banana leaves.

The previous cards for this (all-year-long) challenge can be found under the following links. I haven't added the links for a while, and all of a sudden this is looking quite full! The year is nearing it's end, where does the time fly?!?


8 kommenttia:

  1. Well done on finding the kissing squirrel! Thank you for joining in the Craft Barn Alpha challenge xx

  2. I missed your X word although I saw you had posted it. Glad to see it here, because I always learn a new word and often a new animal when I visit your alpha challenge. Beautiful entries to go with the animal names.

  3. Fabulous entries once again. Love your art and choice of animals - very educational.

  4. You always make such lovely backgrounds for your wildlife and these are no exception.

  5. 2 more interesting animals that are completely new to me. I love your backgrounds.

  6. Two lovely cards and well done for keeping to your idea of using animals.

  7. I always look forward to seeing what animal you have done next! The backgrounds are brilliant and highlight the colours in the pictures x

  8. More lovely unusual animals. I think these themed cards are a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the next one too.