sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016

No black

I decorated some matchboxes for the Lavinia Stamps challenge (no black). And since these contain matches, I'm also posting for the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge (try to contain yourself). I picked a selection of Lavinia stamps... really loving the text, but the plants worked nicely too :)

I have a tub of texture paste that is drying out, and I found it is quite nice to stamp into, no need to wait for the paste to partly dry, just straightforward stamping with water. Once the paste was dry I painted the covers with acrylic paints, starting with a dark colour and then dry-brushing with lighter shades to bring forth the texture. The final layer was Golden Irridescent Gold -paint. I guess the same effect could be done with a metallic wax.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Your little matchboxes are sweet! Love how you have pressed the designs into the lids, Kristiina! That is a great idea! Thanks for joining us this week at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge! hugs, maura

  2. Waude - ihan loistoidea!
    Varsinkin nuo tekstit tuli "salaperäisiksi"
    ja niin rouheiksi!!Pakko kokeilla....