sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

Mixing Greens

The Paperartsy colour mixing challenge has been an inspiration. I always lack nice greens, so after looking through Liz Borers lovely post with colour swatches, I wanted to try some greens. I'm a whole lot lazier, so I didn't go through all the shades, just messed around with my fingers, making a single blend of each yellow-blue combination. 

I picked all my yellow and blue acrylics... (Turned out to be quite a few) and used a spread in my art journal to blend them. It turned out that the Dina Wakley Night wasn't blue, more like purple, so that line gave only browns. In any case there are combinations with loads of lovely greens, I especially like the bright greens from China and Primary Cyan. Blending proved a bit difficult, because these dry so quickly. And my fingers were a lovely yellow/green/blue mess once I was done :)

I should probably dedicate a whole art journal to different mixing activities. It would be so cool to know how to work forward from plain primaries and on the other hand to use all these ready-made blends in different creative ways.

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