sunnuntai 26. kesäkuuta 2016

K is for Kukkakaviokuono

The Craft Barn alpha/dictionary challenge for K was a difficult one. I'm on holiday, but haven't had time to get this done before the last minute, and there weren't many suitable animals in my wildlife encyclopedia. As before I wanted to choose something I'd never heard of before and preferably something with a name that didn't give a clue of what kind of animal it happened to be. This is the flower-faced bat, in Finnish the name is "flowerhoofnose". I learned that hoof-nosed bats (the English term is leaf-nosed) are a large group of insect eating bats. All have some sort of skin ornament on their nose, and this is a rare species with a flowerlike ornament that has layered petals. (No one knows what function the ornament has :) )

For the background I dug out a piece of ink jet photo paper coloured with grey Brushos. I added some texture paste with a star stencil for interest. That is my dusky night, and the rest ended up quite simple. Here's the back of the card, the encyclopedia didn't have much to say about these! The k and harlequin stamp are from Rubber Dance.

The previous cards for this challenge can be found under the following links... still quite a long way to go! And the letters have been picked according to the Finnish names of the animals:)

b (bananaquit)
d (dugong)
f (falanouc)
g (gundi)
j (jamaican tody)
k (flower-faced bat)
l (flying dragon)
q (quelea)
r (rathbuni's salamander)
s (surucucu)
t (talapoin)

3 kommenttia:

  1. How wonderful that I learned another new word, and also learned about this bat I'd never heard of before. Most bats can eat their weight in mosquitoes, so they are especially good to have around when summer hits. They certainly would be useful now that much of the world has been hit with lots of rain. Regardless, I like the latest entry you have presented for us.

  2. Thanks to you my knowledge of wildlife has improved! You will have a fabulous collection of unusual animals at the end of this challenge.

  3. More interesting facts - this challenge is so informative. Brusho on ink jet photo paper looks good - I will have to try that.