torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2016


The Paperartsy challenge is asking for projects with fabric. I wanted to try gelliprinting on fabric, and decided to try Liz Borers tip about using glaze with infusions inspired me to try gelliprinting with them. Here's the card I made, and below it some experiments...

My first idea was to use gesso as a base for the print. Once the gesso was dry, I brayered satin glaze on my small 3,5x5 inch gelli plate and one by one added and brayered Infusions (Golden Sands, Sunset Beach and The Sage). Here's what it looked like before printing. The walnut crystals kind of attached to the brayer and the colours are quite vibrant. I have my gelli plate on an acrylic block, so I actually stamped with the gelli (making it easy to place where I wanted it) and flipped over to rub the fabric properly into the colour.

The gesso turned out to have some cracks in it, and the result was quite uneven. Actually the gesso didn't go all the way to the edges, so you can see how nice the narrow strip on the left and right are. I had some colour left on the plate so I took a ghost print on ink jet photo paper (there happened to be a piece lying on my desk). Proved to be a mistake... the print is fine, but I chipped my gelli plate RIPPING it from the paper, it really stuck hard! So no photo paper with gelli plates!

I made a new print in the same way with just plain fabric, and it was much nicer than with the gesso (though I'm not throwing that out, I'll just use it for something else...). The Glaze resisted the surface of the gelli plate and started to peel into empty spots, but I like the effect. I stamped with the birds and branches stamp from HP 1009 and Archival ink in Jet Black. Some lines got fixed with a black Micron pen, I'm guessing my ink pad isn't juicy enough!

The rustic colours of the Infusions fit nicely with a kraft card base. It's a bit rainy here and that makes it difficult to take proper photos :) I added a panel of white card behind the fabric, because the linen is a bit translucent. As usual, I decorated the envelope too, just some simple stamping with Versamark. I'm feeling a bit sorry I didn't bother to check what surface I was stamping on, as you can see, parts of the stamp aren't showing. Perhaps I'll remember next time...

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