sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2016

More Gelli-prints

Inspired by Ellie Knolls post from the previous Paperartsy challenge I decided to try something similar, but with acrylic paints and my small 3x5 Gelli plate. I'm posting my card for the Paperartsy Mono printing-challenge.

I decided to try printing straight on a card base. My first experiment was doodling on the gelli plate... I should have used some drying retarder, the print wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind :) neither were the other layers, I haven't been printing very much, and this obviously calls for some more practise. What's promising is, that all my experiment prints on scrap paper ended up better than I expected. The card base is a bit drabby compared to them.

I added some stamping with Paperartsy stamps and grey Archival ink, a diecut flower and a TH sticker. Calling it done, but I had to retry with brighter colours... that didn't work out the way I had thought either, but crafting doesn't have to follow the original plan :)

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