lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2016


The Paperartsy challenge is asking for transparent art. I have really enjoyed the posts, especially this one by Keren with stamping on acetate. I wanted to work on a card rather than a 3D object, but wanted to use a clear plastic to give more dimension. I made a similar card with a mason jar last autumn, and now I wanted to try out this bottle... and I'm also posting for the Country View challenge (Be Inspired by Bottles).

Below you can see the plain stamping (I worked straight on the DL card base for a CAS look). the image was coloured with colour pencils, mint green for the bottle (doesn't show here, but the plastic enhances it) and yellow for the flowers. I ended up using some shimmery yellow spray to add bling to the flower and ink sprays here and there. I cut slots along the straight edges of the bottle with a craft knife, taking care to stay inside the outlines.

I stamped the bottle on a plastic sheet (the kind that used to be used for overhead projectors, not very thick) andcut it out leaving flaps on both sides.

Here you can see how the flaps peek through to the inside of the card. I fastened them with double sided tape and covered with white washi tape.

And this is the buldge this gives to the bottle: The flaps limit to the outside of the bottle, the slots are on the inside of the bottle outline and these few millimetres on both sides add surprising dimension. And yet it isn't too thick to be put into an envelope.

I love the way this turned out and I'm so glad the bottle worked this well (I was a bit nervous about the neck...) If I should change something, I wouldn't use mint green with dark yellow... I have no idea what went into me when I chose those colours! But here it is, and the idea is worth revisiting :)

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  1. Beautiful!!!! Way cool how you did the bottle so it's really curved!!!!

  2. Stunning card, beautifully put together! Thanks so much for adding it to our bottle challenge at Countryview Crafts!