maanantai 11. tammikuuta 2016

Craft Barn calendar 1

Here's my mixed media calendar, done for the Craft Barn challenge last year. Gave it to my mom for Christmas, she liked it very much... but complained that it's usable only during one year :) I made three calendars last year, but this is the only one that was posted all year long and linked to every linkup.

The two other calendars were started in March and can be found here: (link to the December page where there are links to the other pages of the calendar)
The scrappy calendar 
The collage calendar (my kids favourite, this is on our wall now :)

3 kommenttia:

  1. This is just beautiful. It's lovely seeing some of them again that just blew me away first time round. I love the pears and the beach hut xx

  2. 3 beautiful and innovative calendars. No wonder your Mother is pleased.

  3. Gorgeous. Love the hares with the bookpaper tree. Hugz