keskiviikko 10. kesäkuuta 2015

Woyww #314

I still haven't really recovered from being away from my craft desk for a week. Not that I didn't manage to make a mess already :) I was just in the middle of cleaning up, when I remembered I need a photo for woyww! I took this pic while tidying up was in full progress, so it doesn't really show what I've been up to last, since it was already put aside. I had been making this baby card for a newly born cousin, used some wool on it too, since wool happened to be at hand! 

Remains of Italy to be seen: there was a little craft store in the town, and I bought two packages of brightly coloured wool: one with greens and one with r eds. The dark blue felt/dumfling balls are from years ago, they are our dogs' favourite toys, but because the felting has been done with water and soap (and a bit carelessly...) they have niches here and there. The thread is out, because I sewed some crevises from the blue balls before starting to work on them. So I have been using a needle to continue the felting (dumfling?) and get the balls to be more intact and round. The red-orange one is finished and the needle is ready for the next one.  The brochure is from a jazz concert I went to in Italy, and the colourful foam plastic things were made by the daughter of the house where I stayed... still wondering what to do with them! Even the coins are from the trip...the fun thing about euros is that each country has their own pictures on the coins, so these are waiting for my husband to check if we already have them:)

Actually my tidying-up process today will also have to reach underneath the table, here is the not-so-lovely view from the room towards the other side of my "desk". We have the house full of guests on Sunday, and we plan to pretend this is not a messy place to live :) ---my husband kindly suggested he'd carry all my drawers and shoeboxes into the garage for the day, I guess he's taking bundles of his books and comics too. This house is too small for two hoarders!

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  1. What lovely colours you've been crafting with..really happy and cheerful. The wool is fab, I love it! Good luck with the tidying up for Sunday ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  2. Argh..moving boxes to the garage..will they come back worries me!! Love thebright colours of the wool, how cheerful!

  3. Needle felting is the word you are looking for... Apart from that, what a lovely, empty desk! And I totally feel for you, the rhythm of getting creative every day is broken when we travel, and getting back in can be hard.
    Actually, those foam thingies can be cut into, or cut into shapes, and painted over, and stamped on, they can be incorporated into journal pages, too. What a great thing to add to your journal.

  4. love the colours of the wool
    Happy WOYWW :)
    have a great week
    Charlie x #15 or find me here

  5. I hope your boxes find their way back. We had visitors some weeks ago and I still haven't got everything back where it belongs. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx 24

  6. Love your wool! Life is more interesting with "things to do" in the house : D. #44