sunnuntai 28. kesäkuuta 2015

When you are lonely or in darkness

I have been following the DLP-prompts in my art journal this year. Not every week... and this is my first page in June. Who would have imagined that holiday means less craft time? Not me. The DLP June prompts have been about travel journaling and especially about drawing in the journal. The third prompt (There's no place like home) and especially this post by Päivi Eerola encouraged me to give a try. Obviously what the drawing looks like doesn't really matter if you colour it in nicely... I'm posting my spread for the Craft Barn weekly challenge (Bows).

I had taken a picture of a lovely bouquet my friend had made for my daughters confirmation. Looking at this sentiment, I realized it is something I could say to my children, so I wanted to combine it with the bouquet. Here are some pictures of the process:

As for the result... well, I don't like the way my peonies turned out. The flowers were a beautiful cream colour, perhaps not to be reproduced with a black pen... and I should have trusted myself with the colour pencils all the way, not started with the markers. But I like the way the text turned out between the curvy lines (never tried that before), and the flowers (especially the mum) on the bottom row. I'm very satisfied with the effect of thickening the vertical lines of the drawing (with text I've used that for long), next time I draw I might have to dig out my calligraphy set! And I did enjoy practising combining coloured pencils for the backgrounds on the left and right. So far so good, I might try this again, but right now it does stick out among the mixedmedia pages in my journal :)

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  1. Ah that is a wonderful sentiment and your pages are amazing! Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  2. A fabulous page in your journal. I'm in awe of your drawing and calligraphy skills.