sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2015

A painted bottle

The Paperartsy bottle challenge had me really wishing I had some bottle stamps... but I don't, and decided to settle for trying to paint a bottle on the inside according to the intro video on the challenge post.

I used a mixture of FF paints: Carribean sea, Banana, Snowflake and Smurf, wishing for a marmored effect, but practically my paints were runny and blended with each other... The result is anyhow inside my daughters favourite colour range, I hope she will like it. I poured most of the excess paint out of the bottle before I realized that due to the slow drying process, it is useful to let the bottle lie on its' side and rotate it a bit every now and then -which means there could have been some more paint in it too. The bottle is one I packed in my luggage before leaving Italy. It is quite small and has a nice shape. 
I took this second photo to show the size of the bottle next to a micron pen.
The book is one I'm altering, and just happened to fit with the colours.

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