sunnuntai 23. heinäkuuta 2017


I have glitter-stuff, but I don't usually use it. The rasberry-image on the moodboard at Our mixed media moods somehow made me think about sequins, and here is the result:


Find the moodboard and all the other entries here:

I simply cut a square from a double-sided sticky sheet and sprinkled on some sequins, small hexacon stuff, Wow Sparkles (Prom Queen) and some white glitter. I started with the bigger pieces and continued toward the smaller stuff. Quite a mess... the hexagon bits were worst, because they seem to cling to everything! The die-cut is from Lawn Fawn. I wasn't sure the glue on the foampads would adhere to the glitters, so I added a dot of PVA glue to each foam pad and squished the cut in place.


And one more closeup. Whoever gets this, will certainly have a bunch of glitter all over herself as soon as she takes it out of the envelope :)


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