torstai 9. helmikuuta 2017


I want to document my spreads, so here goes... inspired by the Wanderlust 2017 online course : a very simple spread using mainly a permanent marker and white acrylic paint.

We've had some remarkable foggy days lately. Usually the air in winter is quite dry, and you don't have fog. But at the end of January, the fog was so strong, it was as if the air itself was white (along with the frost that had stuck on everything. I decided to try just drawing with black and using thinned out white paint to make the background gradually dissappear. I really like the second phase shown under, and if I could roll backward, I might stop there... but at least I have a picture of it!

I tried a bit of journaling, but I didn't like it so I covered it with white paint. The bubbled turned up when I heated the embossing powder (my altered book has pages glued together... see starting post here.)

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