keskiviikko 9. syyskuuta 2015

Woyww #327

Good morning fellow deskers and anyone else, who happens to drop by! This is a post for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) hosted by Julia at the Stamping Ground blog. Here is my desk this morning. I just cleaned it up the other day (so clean, that I actually moved the pots and wiped all the dust too!)

I have my tea cup, pieces laid out for a calendar page, some miss-stamps and my first try with alcohol inks. Short and sweet today, but I also have a doggy view.

This is my messy spot on the floor, you can see the base for the calendar page drying and the stacks under the table. I'm in a hurry today, but I should be able to get around tomorrow. Maybe. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Kristina, happy WOYWW... you wouldn't want to see my doggy view - my work area is so small and so everything I'm using spills in the the chairs, cupboards and floor. Have fun with your alcohol inks...cheers RobynO#19

  2. Hi Kristiina, thanks for participating even though you are busy.
    I like you doggie view! I'd better not show mine!
    I spy a box of mini distress inks! I didn't know you could buy those in Europe. Where did you get them?
    Have a good week,

  3. I like the doggy view of your desk and messy spot. I have my nearly one year old boy foraging underneath my workdesk today so perhaps I should get him to take a toddler view of the workdesk!! Your calendar looks intriguing. Happy crafting ;-),

    Max #24

  4. Doggie is running away from my space shrieking. lol Your space looks neat and tidy and ready for fun. Peg R 36