torstai 22. lokakuuta 2015

Make things possible

My third take on the Paperartsy Faces-challenge. Thanks to PA for getting me started on faces, two weeks ago I would have said I can't do anything of the like! I am also posting this page for the "Show your face" linkup, the De Stempelwinkel challenge (autumn theme) and the Designs By Ryn challenge.

And here is the whole spread. I'm ready to say that I do like the childish dreaminess of my first portrait more than the cold blue hues... And it looks to me I had more courage with light experiments when I did the first one. But in a way they could be the same person woth a few years in between! The blue lady looks very determined, and I decided to pick out some single words from a couple of sentiments to build my own : make things possible. I like it, but had trouble placing it on the image (should have skipped background stamping in a suitable area, but didn't think that far!)

I started with a sketch done about a week ago when I dared myself to try (after watching the Dina Wakley video linked to the challenge post). The left side of this spread was painted then, this side has been waiting for me to have time. The left side is like an autumn day, and I thought I could try making this an autumn night. I used Paynes Grey (more like a dark blue), FF Buff and Raw Sienna for the face. Probably some Raw Umber too. Here are the phases:

A sketch...
Strong shadows, as Dina recommends
Added buff and more Paynes Grey. I really like this one
Added Raw Sienna for warmth
Stamped with stamps from Designs by Ryn and a Les Oiseux text
from De Stempelwinkel. Coloured with green acrylics.
I coloured the white parts with watercolours and the moths
with colour pencils. Finished of the eyes with a bit more detail
and added small white dots to the water droplets.
I added Interference Gold (from Golden) to the face and moths, after which it became rather difficult to take photos under the electric light on my workdesk. The colours in the daylight photo underneath are quite different (and I did add a touch of paint around the chin and brows when I got up in the morning and took a second look. Don't know if they made her any better, I'm calling her done :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hey Kristiina, good for your for trying something new! Love your use of the stamps in the background. I learned something new about starting with dark shadows on the face. Makes sense. Thanks for including the process photos :)

  2. This is a triumph! Very brave to start with the dark shadows bit too! Well done, I like the mood of the piece and am sure that Dina would love it too!

  3. I really love both your pages here. I think you're right that she could be the same character with a few years in between. I also like how you began with the dark shadows and the colours of the final face are so atmospheric and beautiful, There is a haunting delicate charm about your work that reminds me of the artist, Gwen John. xx

  4. Very nice journal pages, thank you for joining the challenge at De Stempelwinkel!

  5. Brilliant. So much interest in all you shading. I love both! ~ Leandra

  6. These pages are stunning.... the faces are hauntingly beautiful.
    Thank you for joining us at DE-STEMEPELWINKEL STAMPERS challenge this time. BDx