tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2015

All the more faces

My second post for the Paperartsy "faces" challenge. Actually these faces are the ones I did before my previous post, doodling on underpaper, because I wouldn't have dared to try on anything worthwhile. I'm also posting for the "Show Your Face" linkup.

Last week, a couple of hours after watching Dina's video on the Paperartsy blog post, I took a pen (red, that's what teachers always have at hand!) and doodled a face on underpaper. I didn't like it, so I drew another one that turned out so much better that I decided to take a black pen... and drew a whole lot more. The next day I continued drawing, some with red, some with black. I didn't want to throw the doodles away, as they mark a step into the unknown. I decided to combine the faces with a sentiment that someone shared over FB last week.

Doodles on underpapers
I tore them apart and adhered to a spread in my art journal
Added the sentiment by E.G.White
and coloured with colour pencils
The first faces were each very different from each other, but as I continued, I found that the faces started to resemble each other. I think that's fine, perhaps I'll learn to control the expressions and looks gradually... and I really don't know what to do about hair! Lots to learn here :) I tried to find silly colour combo's for the faces, and I really like the way some of the weirder images turned out.

That's the very first guy on the right. Quite soon I started skipping the nose shadows,
too difficult for me!

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  1. Super idea to bring all them together on your pages! super !

  2. Thank you for linking up two posts to Show Your Face, I loved them both, your faces are wonderful. I'm sorry it has taken me a while to get to commenting, I'm just catching up now! Kx