torstai 15. lokakuuta 2015

Faces -quite a challenge!

The new Paperartsy challenge asks for faces. I sighed (like I guess many others, too :)... last summer the Documented Life Project had a face month, and all I got one was a pair of eyes! I decided this was the chance to watch one of their inspiring videos again, and perhaps get something done. What happened in real life was, that I watched the Dina Wakley video on the PA prompt post and got that done! I am also posting for the "Show your face" link up and the Paperilla challenge with an autumn moodboard.

I have never drawn faces. At least not since being a kid. A couple of hours after watching Dina's video I found myself staring at my craft sheet wondering how to cope with a throbbing headache that I'd had all day. I thought I might as well try dividing an oval the way she showed... the face wasn't nice, but better than I imagined, so I did another one and fifteen minutes later I had a dozen small ones on the underpaper and two large faces sketched in my art journal. The next day I continued the doodling and found that I liked the eyes to be smaller and further apart and the nose to be almost invisible... so you can probably tell from this picture, which are part of the earlier doodles, which from later on. The absolute first one is the red upside down one in the middle.

I forgot to take a pic of the large ones (they are underneath those papers above :), my first pic has some acrylic paint on for shading. I didn't like the large eyes on my sketch, but I had no idea what she would turn into! I painted with acrylic paints in neutral colours, the main colour is Indian yellow.

The eyes were too large for my taste, and the hair felt impossible...
I messed up the eyes while painting, so I covered them completely
and made new small ones. She is a different person alltogether!
I can't imagine an art journal page without stamping. I used some
NBUS (never before used) stamps from Rubber Dance.
I lay some paper over the face and sprayed with brown and orange.
I added hair and coloured the flowers and leaves. I gave the cheeks
a touch of Interference gold (Golden), and was not able to take
pictures in the previous angle, because it reflected the lamp so much!
Here you can see the whole page, the gold is reflecting
only from the butterfly at the left.
In real life the colours are something between the upper one (taken under my lamp) and the lower one (natural light through the window,  it's grey and misty outdoors). I can see this is addicting, I would never have believed I could paint a face that I might like to look at later on or not have to be ashamed if someone looks through my art journal! Looking forward to working on my other larger sketch, and I'll have to do a spread with those small ones too!

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  1. What a fascinating post, so well documented and interesting. I love the softness and dreaminess of your final piece of work - you have created something really lovely with such subtle stamping effects!

  2. Just fantastic! I was never into faces either, I would have sighed just as much at the thought of doing one but then I tried one and now I keep on going. I hope you will too :) Thank you for linking up to Show Your Face and I hope we will see you again. Kx

  3. Wow! I loved your post and the fabulous face you painted. Congratulations on your work.

  4. Fantastic, Kristiina! I find it interesting to see the steps and the result is awesome!
    Thank you for using my stamps, they look really great together with your painting.

  5. Wow Kristina, this is gorgeous, so soft and delicate but sooo interesting. I keep having another look as I feel there is so much to see, you must be thrilled with the end result x