keskiviikko 9. joulukuuta 2015

Woyww #340

It's Wednesday again, and that means a chance to join in the woyww fun and hop around crafty desks all over the world! Here's mine this morning. A mess. There is an almost finished 2016 calendar somewhere underneath the pile, but I got some shopping yesterday in the mail and dumped the new stash on top of everything :)

To the left my box of sequins under a stamp that should be cleaned and put away. A tub of gesso being used to hold a roll of washi tape and a stamped little card. The card with sequins has tumbled over and is partly hidden by the gesso. My calendar, used it to add name days on my December page for next year. Some half finished cards, piles of paper, tubs of embossing powder (I won those six from WOW and bought some more after realizing what awesome possibilities they offer...). Papers left over from marking tests and at the far right my Christmas calendar. A scout calendar that I bought last year well before December and lost so I didn't open it last year :)

Here's how I'm sitting writing this: my knees up so the dog can comfortably sleep in my lap...
I needed to buy Stazon cleaner, I had a 25% discount code to my favourite online store: not a bad combination. I started shopping, but found that the cleaner was out... finished my shopping anyhow, and there's another package coming from another store (hopefully) by the end of the week with the cleaner. And a bit of something else too, I guess.

4 kommenttia:

  1. lots happening at your desk, always fun to get some new stuff. Vicky(#6)

  2. Oh, you did the multiple shopping thing! That happens to me too, strange!! Your sitting position doesn't seem too comfortable to me, but your desk looks great, very impressed that you have your 2016calendar in hand already! And note to self...must get me some of those small distress inks!

  3. Now that is a sign of a multitasker shopping online, balancing the sleeping dog and posting for woyww. Well done.
    sandra de @27

  4. I like visiting your desk as it makes me feel very at home. Lovely new stash to play with too. Happy woyww, Angela x 24