perjantai 4. joulukuuta 2015


A quick post for the Paperartsy masterboard challenge. The base is a thinnish piece af paper that I had used to clean my brayer. I added more colour in green-blue shades and some quinacridone violet for contrast. Part of the acrylics are pearlescent, which makes this difficult to photograph...

I stamped around with stamps from Rubber Dance. I used sheet music and a text background and a few different sizes of butterflies. Luckily (after being bugged by not having Archival inks in pretty colours) I realized that my Versamagic dewdrop pads would probably work well enough. They have been pretty unused in my drawer, but I found purple, pink and blue, all of which fit nicely and hadn't dried out. I didn't follow Leandras advice about keeping the images straight, stamped the music all wonkily around and decided that next time I'll keep it straight, I too like that better :) 

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