lauantai 22. heinäkuuta 2017

Just Green

Our Mixed Media Moods is celebrating it's first full year with an awesome mood board and giveaways. I'm planning to see how many of the mood board images I might have time to be inspired by! Here's the moodboard. I started at the top left with the green thread. Entries by other people and linkups to inspirational videos can be found behind the following link:

And this is what I started with: cleaning previous clutters from my desk and searching my stash for stuff in the mood board colours...

After pondering different options, I decided to go for a very lightweight CAS look.  I'm feeling a bit awkward about not having any stamps and splatters here, but of course I'm glad about using stuff I never used before. My mom dumped those reeds on my craft table about half a year ago. I guess the bundle is supposed to smell of lavender, but doesn't any longer :) I just cut a pinch of the straws in two and sewed them on a 6x6 card base. Easypeasy!

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