sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

Gelli Prints

I've been playing with the wonderful gelli-printing technique Ellie Knoll showed on the Paperartsy blog: Acrylics combined with Infusions. My first tries used a brayer. I wasn't quite satisfied with the result, so I took out my 3x5 plate, smooched the paints around with my finger, misted, sprinkled, misted again... and I really love the prints I got. There was usually "too much" paint, which resulted in squishy prints, often even three in a row! As anyone who has done this knows, once you get started there's no end to it. I would have liked to go for a yellow-green colour scheme, but my cardstock pad ran out! Anyway, I'm linking to the Paperartsy colour mixing challenge, still 1,5 hours to go!

Here are some closeups of the smoochy texture combined with the resist effect that comes from the misted water on the gelli plate. I don't know what kind of cards these will end up as, but they do look nice...  I am kind of wishing I had the guts to print these straight on card bases... maybe next time :)

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